Winning Ways Commitment

At Winning Ways we are committed to providing a high quality and transparent racehorse ownership service so you can experience the thrill and excitement of owning your own horse at an affordable price and without any hassle. This commitment includes regular communications (by phone, post or email), stable visits at least every six weeks and accountability to all members to protect their interests at all times. Furthermore, Winning Ways will display its commitment to buying a quality horse by acquiring a share in each syndicate. 

Your Winning Ways Membership

Your Winning Ways syndicate will consist of up to twelve like minded members with the objective of owning a quality young national hunt horse, bought at one of the premier Irish National Hunt sales. Our trainer will be given a maximum budget of €29,000 to acquire a horse, which includes sales costs and one years insurance cover. This equates to €2,900 per share, based on 10 members, with any difference refunded to members.

At Winning Ways we believe a quality horse should be with a quality young trainer. Once your horse is bought, he will be put into Colm Murphy's care. Although training and racing costs are expensive, we believe that spreading the costs among 10 members provides an affordable opportunity for racing enthusiasts. Winning Ways has assumed the average annual cost of training and racing to be circa €24,945 per annum which equates to €2,495 per share, or around €50 per week. This average annual cost incorporates a number of assumptions and includes an element of inflation and contingencies which can been reviewed in the Training & Racing Costs section. Winning Ways is committed to absolute transparency and members will only pay for the actual costs incurred over the lifetime of the syndicate. Unlike other syndicates that offer a monthly "all-in" cost, irrespective of whether your horse is in training or not, a Winning Ways member will benefit when his horse is not in training through reduced costs.

Captain Bondi1.jpeg Thumbnail1.jpgAs well as regular stable visits, Winning Ways hopes that all syndicates get the opportunity to experience the thrill of racing their own horse on the track. Members will be given the opportunity to name their horse and also decide their unique racing silks. On racedays, the Syndicate Manager or Racing Liaison Officer will be available at all times to ensure members enjoy their day out. HRI provides owners with four entry badges and these will be rotated amongst members. At all meetings, members will have access to the parade ring and the Syndicate Manager will endeavour to obtain Owners badges for all members (pictured right are Captain Bondi's owners being debriefed after his debut run).

In order to ensure full accountability, your Winning Ways syndicate financial statements will be provided to all members for review. At the request of members, an independent third party may be requested to review the financial statements. 

Your Commitment to Winning Ways

Kimberlite King - Curragh2.jpg Thumbnail1.jpgAt Winning Ways we believe in giving your young horse every opportunity to achieve his potential. Therefore, we require members to commit to a four year membership period, after which your horse will be sold at public auction and the syndicate dissolved. Winning Ways members will vote on all matters deemed important by the Syndicate Manager and a 70% majority rules in accordance with the Members Rights section.

Winning Ways policies and procedures ensures that all members are registered as the owner of the horse with HRI. Winning Ways acts as a managing agent and provides this comprehensive service for an annual fee of €500 per share. All proceeds from your accounts will be distributed to you on dissolution of the syndicate, or earlier if deemed appropriate by the Syndicate Manager (if there are winnings!!). Winning Ways and our trainer will be entitled to 2.5% and 10% respectively of any sales proceeds over purchase price on sale of our horse.

The Syndicate Manager will be responsible for the day-to-day administration of your Winning Ways syndicate, communications with our trainer and arranging stable visits. However, Winning Ways will be flexible in all respects and will endeavour to meet the individual needs of members from time to time. Finally, all Winning Ways syndicates will carry the Winning Ways name and carry Winning Ways sponsorship, or some other sponsorship if deemed appropriate by the Syndicate Manager.

How to Join the Winning Team?

The Team would like to offer you the opportunity to join a Winning Ways syndicate and experience the thrill of racehorse ownership through a professionally managed syndicate and one of Ireland's leading young trainers. If you would like to join the Winning Team, require any further information or would like to arrange a stable visit to see our horses, then please Contact Us

For your benefit, additional information is included in the Member's RightsTraining & Racing Costs and Schedule of Payments sections.








Trainer's View

2008-08-23 Stable visit - Conor Clune.JPG Thumbnail1.jpg 


"This is my first ownership experience and I wanted to be sure I understood what I was paying for. Oran walked me through the syndicate agreement and the potential costs. It was all very straightforward. I've been to a few of the stable visits already and while it's early days, I'm looking forward to a few fun days out", Conor Clune pictured above with his horse Raise The Beat

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