Training & Racing Costs

Winning Ways believes in providing a transparent service to its members. Rather than charge an "all-in" monthly fee which does not differentiate between when your horse is in or out of training, Winning Ways' members only pay the actual costs incurred to train their horse.

Winning Ways believes that the average training and racing costs over a four year period would be up to €24,945 per annum or €2,495 per member per annum (based on 10 members). As your horse is not in full training or racing at the beginning of its career, costs are invariably lower in the earlier years and increase as he races more. The table below is indicative of the costs of a Winning Ways syndicate and the following assumptions are included: (a) in training 36 weeks, out of training 16 weeks (b) one external gallop per month while in training (c) monthly vet, farrier and related costs (including contingency) of €140 (d) race costs are based on a total of 23 runs over the four year period and include transport, entry and jockey fee (e) Winning Ways management fee of €400 per member. All costs are inflated by 5-10% per annum except for the Winning Ways management fee which is fixed for the life of the syndicate.

While the table below is indicative of the costs a Winning Ways syndicate may incur, based on the Team's experience to date, members are committing to pay all costs in acquiring and training their horse. If you have any queries in relation to the potential costs of the syndicate, please don't hesitate to contact the Winning Ways Team who would be delighted to discuss further or provide additional support for the stated assumptions.


 3 year old4 year old5 year old6 year old7 year old
 June '10 - Dec '10Year to Dec '11Year to Dec '12Year to Dec '13Jan '14 - June '14
Training fees      
Fees - in-training7,22411,37811,94712,5446,586
Fees - out-of-training7562,1172,2232,3341,225
Gallop fees300860925994534
Veterinary and farrier fees5401,1881,3071,437791
Racing fees      
Syndicate management fee2,0004,0004,0004,0002,000
Turf club registration & annual fees0600600600600
Silks etc0250000
Race costs01,5751,9852,7781,459






Trainer's View

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"I´m looking forward to training quality horses for Winning Ways Racing syndicates. I´ve known the Winning Ways Team since I started training and they are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about racing. We will do our best to make sure members enjoy their experience with us", Colm Murphy 


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