Member's Rights


At Winning Ways we are committed to protecting the rights of members that enter our syndicates. Each syndicate is for a four year term and members are liable for the costs of the syndicate during that time. In order to protect members, each member signs an agreement which sets out the following rights and protection for members:

  • Each member is registered as the horse’s owner;
  • Each member will be given the opportunity to suggest one name and one set of colours for the Syndicate’s horse and partake in a democratic process in picking the name and colours for the Syndicate’s horse;
  • Training fees are payable in advance which protects the remaining members if one member drops out;
  • Any prizemoney receivable from HRI will at all times be payable fully to members;
  • Members may, at any time, propose a motion to other syndicate members and 70% of members need to agree with the motion for it to pass. The only exclusion to this is that 100% of members must vote to sell the horse and dissolve the Syndicate before the four year term is completed;
  • If any member fails to pay their portion of the training fees due then that member will be de-registered from the horse and will forfeit one full period of training fees;
  • A member is entitled to split their share but only the member will be registered as the owner of the horse;
  • The Syndicate Manager is responsible for managing the administration of the Syndicate and will provide financial statements and supporting documentation on an annual basis.







Trainer's View

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"I´m looking forward to training quality horses for Winning Ways Racing syndicates. I´ve known the Winning Ways Team since I started training and they are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about racing. We will do our best to make sure members enjoy their experience with us", Colm Murphy 


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